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      Give you reminder: Do not use "blue" cups

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           According to experts, the current market sales of disposable cups, if blue under fluorescent light, then cups containing a fluorescent substance density, once these harmful substances into the body, it will become a potential carcinogen. So, how to identify quality disposable cups? China Association for Quality Promotion experts recommend several ways.
           First, look at the packaging and labeling. General cups should be sealed in a plastic bag, the bag should not have damaged packaging imprecise cups vulnerable to pollution of the environment, health can not be guaranteed. Should indicate the name of the manufacturer, the address, the implementation of standards, production date, expiration date on the product packaging. Cups technical performance should perform QB / T2294-1997 "cups" standard, also perform corporate standards. But health indicators must perform GB11680-1989 "Food Packaging Paper health indicators."
           Second, check the appearance of the cup shape should be quite wide, there should be deformed. In addition to a good selection of cup body stiffness cups. Cup body stiffness bad cups Yong Shounie up very soft, poured into water or drink, when end up severely deformed, or even end up, affect use. When selecting paper cups, cup can hand gently squeezed on both sides, can be roughly know the cup body stiffness is good or bad.
           Third, formal channels to buy the cup in direct contact with the mouth, hygiene is particularly important. GB11680-1989 "Food Packaging Paper health indicators" in the content of heavy metals, optical brighteners, and some bacteria have carried out the appropriate regulations. Good or bad health situation cups, only in the laboratory in order to accurately test out, consumers can not judge from the appearance, but the formal channels to purchase regular factory product, so the general health status of paper cups can be guaranteed.